wrappers: fakepoem2

Shove me against the lockers, push me against the wall. Beat me up and throw me away, I’m just a candy wrapper in the wind. A freak, a weirdo, a loner, I don’t have a place in this world. This world, where everything is perfect and good and nice. I can’t breathe in this world. I can’t close my eyes in this world because the second I do, they’ll kill me. They’ll cut me up and throw me off the roof because I do not belong in this world. I belong in a world where there are imperfections, ugly scars on the smooth face of humanity. I belong in a world where being yourself is okay, where it doesn’t get you beaten up or laughed at. I belong in a world where I can be true to myself, where I can finally breathe without being laughed at, where I can smile and not be kicked in the stomach. The scars on my hand will fade, the pain in my heart will dull, and the memories will be gone too. I’ll disappear too, lost like the rest of time. I’ll disappear, and in my place someone else will arrive. Someone who will stand up for themselves, someone who will believe in themselves no matter what happens. I have to disappear before this person comes though, because I am not this person. I can never be strong and brave and fearless. I can never run fast enough as I am being chased through the woods. I can never say what’s on my mind without being ridiculed. I can never be good enough.