I love books. There is no other word on the planet that can express what I feel for books. Loving books isn’t something I do when I’m alone or once a year when I meet up with my fandom. Loving books is nothing less of a lifestyle.

I’ve always read books with the same amount of passion, if not more. It isn’t something that ‘came’ to me. People never realise how much I love books. They always tell me how I don’t know what love is. If not directly, then as surreptitiously as possible. It’s so frustrating when people do that. Quoting the dexterous Stephen King, “Books are a uniquely portable magic”.

Its hard sometimes, expressing my love for books. I try, but I don’t always succeed, and it is in those moments that I feel lost.

But then one day, as I sit down to read or write, or maybe as I just walk through a bookstore, I feel my mood lighten, I feel that smile on my face, and suddenly I’m not here anymore. I’m not in this world with all it’s troubles and pain and it’s monotonous routines. I’m in another place, another time, and I’m content, free and happy. When I look at books, I see my world, my life and everything that matters. They’re not just books. They’re books. And the rest of the world not finding books wondrous or marvellous, won’t change the fact that they are.

Happiness is so hard to find. People get lost when they think of happiness as a destination, because it’s not. It’s a mood, a condition, it comes and it goes. Most people live their entire lives without figuring out what brings them happiness. I am not one of these people. I love books, and a world without them would mean a world without me. In books, I’ve found myself, lost myself too. At the end of the day, books are what I want to come home too. It isn’t a ‘phase’, I’m not going to ‘grow out of it’. They are a part of me and I’m not going to give that up just because someone else can’t see the warmth in my heart.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we live for. Sometimes, we end up living for the wrong thing. Sometimes, we go wrong. And sometimes, we find what we’ve been looking for all our lives.

– K



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